Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I almost forgot today's post again! Lucky I remembered! 'K, so, now what? I hope you all had a good Christmas! And New Year's is in a few days! 2012! The year the world's supposed to end! But will it?

There's not much to talk about really. It's still the holidays. But I got an eBook reader for Christmas. At the moment, on it, I'm reading House Rules, by Jodi Picoult. You guys should read it. It's a good book, or eBook in this case. It's about a teenager with Asperger's (Perfect for this blog!) whose AS traits get him accused of killing his social skills tutor, and it shows how him and his family deal with his AS.

So, other than that, not much. 'K byeeee for now! See you next time!

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