Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I almost forgot today's post again! Lucky I remembered! 'K, so, now what? I hope you all had a good Christmas! And New Year's is in a few days! 2012! The year the world's supposed to end! But will it?

There's not much to talk about really. It's still the holidays. But I got an eBook reader for Christmas. At the moment, on it, I'm reading House Rules, by Jodi Picoult. You guys should read it. It's a good book, or eBook in this case. It's about a teenager with Asperger's (Perfect for this blog!) whose AS traits get him accused of killing his social skills tutor, and it shows how him and his family deal with his AS.

So, other than that, not much. 'K byeeee for now! See you next time!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sorry People...

Okay, guys, I know I  was supposed to do this yesterday, but I was distracted by other stuff and I forgot, so I'm very sorry! =(

So, not much has happened over the last week! Merry Christmas for Sunday people!! I got a haircut last Saturday, that I really didn't want, but my mum says a trim will make it grow faster. Anyway...

I know this post is very short, but I really can't think of anything to say, so bye for now!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

So... Now What?

Here at my house, we finally put up our Christmas tree today!
Yes, that's our cat under the tree. Her name is Pedy. She obviously likes being under the tree. We kept forgetting to put the tree up until today.

Yesterday, we were up in Hamilton, going shopping. Unfortunately, I only had internet access for a few seconds while we were in the McDonald's drivethrough. But it was fun.

So... now what? I made covers for my Tamagotchis. But it's not a Tamagotchi blog. It's an Asperger's blog. And I can't really think of any Asperger-ish things that happened, so deal with it. 'K well bye for now peoples! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Life, Where Stuff Happens

Okay, so, last week I made an Advent Calendar from a mould from an old one by pouring melted chocolate in each of the little moulds, and sticking paper doors over them. You know how it works. One chocolate each day until Christmas. So I get chocolate every day! I also bought Christmas presents for my family. But I won't tell you. Why? Because. So...

I have made charts of my Tamagotchis on Word from every generation on each of them. Just the two from last week. By the way, not Nellie and Bianca anymore. They had kids and left.

This is Ozzy, Nellie's son.                                This is Rachel, Bianca's daughter.

One day they're going to get married! More pictures!
Ozzy comes up close to the screen.                   Rachel does too.
Okay, you saw my Tamagotchis, you heard about my uneventful life. Tomorrow I'm making something for my sister's shared lunch at school. What I'll make, I don't know. For now, byeeeee!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Annoyed at Blogger, and Lovin' My Tamas

Well, for the last few minutes, Blogger has been a pain in the butt by not letting me post, but now it is, so it's all good. I started up my Tamagotchis again. Here they are:

This one is Nellie                                                    This one is Bianca, married to a sheep.

I love my tamas, no matter what anyone else says. If you got here through TamaTalk, go and read my log, "The (Not Really) Misadventures of a Girl and Two Tama-Gos"

Well, I think that's enough tama. Now what? Just kidding, I'm not going to keep you around forever bored. That would be mean of me. Bye for now, but be back next week for more!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

School's Out!

Today I took my last of 5 exams: Home Economics (Food and Nutrition). It was much easier than the mock. And with that exam finished, so is school. I also got accepted into a science programme in Otago. Yay! I am one of three students going. Although, my mum thinks because I have Asperger's I have "different learning needs" when I learn the same way as everyone else. Oh, well, I'm just happy I got in.

I don't think I told you about the baby chickens, did I? Well, we got some eggs late October for our clucky "mama" chicken to sit on. 5 eggs. They all hatched last week, plus an orphaned one from the lady who gave us the chickens in the first place. So we have 6 babies. Pluss the 5 chickens we already had, that makes 11, which is a lot isn't it?

Yesterday, I told my sister, in a way, to act Aspie. Because when she's excited about something, and I'm not, I say sarcastically, "Whoop de do" or "Clap clap" or "Wow" and she told me this was annoying because she's actually excited. So I said "Take it as a compliment" and she said "How am I meant to take it as a compliment?" so my answer to that was, "Take it literally" so I now think of it as I told her to act Aspie.

And I'm also quite annoyed with her because she's a blabbermouth and she thinks my Asperger's is hers to tell people. She told pretty much her whole school year level. Now I get compared to Gabrielle, the Aspie surgeon on Shortland Street. Hello, people, just because you've met one Aspie, it does NOT mean you've met them all!

Well, with my rant over, I shall sign off. Bye for now, until next week!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Exams, More Exams, Cupcakes and an Aspie Cartoon Remix!

Right, so at school we're at the time where we do exams! On Monday I had my Maths exam. At least my mum can't make me revise Maths anymore! Today, English. I think I did pretty good on them. Tomorrow is French exam.

Yesterday, I made cupcakes. They have rainbow chocolate chips in them. Today I made mini cupcakes which are lemony and have lemon icing. Also coconut cloud slices with lemon icing.

Oh, I've just realized, this blog is supposed to be about how I cope with Asperger's and I've said nothing Aspie since the beginning! Not to worry, though. In the weekend, I did my own remix of Matt Friedman's "Dude I'm an Aspie"

I hate bright lights so I grabbed random images and letters to spell words to show this. I'm the one running away saying "AAAAH!! It's too bright!" I know even NT's won't stare at the sun like that unless they're idiots (no offence to any NT's reading this) It's just a little exaggeration.
The link to Matt's blog is dudeimanaspie.com It's pretty cool, read it!
So, with that, I'll sign off! Bye!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

3 Prizes, and a Long Week of Nothingness

I got three prizes at the prizegiving on Friday. Two in Science, and one in Home Economics. When I got the Home Economics one I was so surprised. I didn't think I was that good. Also my autistic friend got an award for Maths. I was a bit surprised at that too. Oh, well. He was happy, and I guess that's all that matters. Then I got a week off school for study leave, before my Maths exam on Monday next week. I haven't done much really. Just watch TV, eat, knit, study, play games and go on forums. I also got a bit of a cold, but I'm getting better. Well, there's a good thing about holidays, and that is escapng from bullies at school. I suppose you'd get that a lot too if you're an aspie. Well, one of the main bullies is moving away next year, so I'm happy about that. They also don't know I'm an aspie because I haven't told anyone, unlike my bigmouth sister at her school. But I gave her a real telling off. (Kind of literally, but not entirely)

Well, by for now people of the internet!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Long Rehearsal, a Prize-Winning Announcement, and an Almost Finished Dress

So, not much, once again. Today, we had a rehearsal for Friday's senior prizegiving at school, in which, I heard I'm getting a prize! So happy! =D Also, I have almost finished the dress which I am making in Textiles class. It's pretty awesome, and I plan to wear it at the school ball next year.

For our 100 beanies for Starship challenge, we now have 38. I actually made 2 in the weekend, I spent the whole weekend knitting.

Also in the weekend was the Gypsy Fair. It was pretty awesome (don't you just love that phrase?) I got a blue heart hanging thingy which is on my ceiling, a lucky dip, 3 skinny red band bracelets, a red necklace, and a necklace with a blue heart on it.

Well, that's pretty much it! Stay right there, don't move and I'll see you next week!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Singing, School and So Much More!

So, on Tuesday, school started again. But the rest of the holidays were okay. I did some paintball shooting on Thursday at a holiday programme. It was fun. On Monday, I recorded a video of myself singing and put it on YouTube. So, at school, I'm making a dress, and I'm almost finished. I had a good 2 days so far. We have a little knitting group and we meet at lunchtime. We have a challenge to knit 100 beanies for children at Starship hospital by winter next year. It's going pretty well.

If you want to see my video, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wppzuDFwzP0
Leave a comment if you want and give your opinions! =)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A (Not Very) Eventful Week

So, I've decided this blog is going to be a weekly thing, so expect a new post every Wednesday*, no sooner. As in the title, the week hasn't been too eventful. On Saturday I did some shopping for late birthday presents. On Monday I went up to Hamilton for a holiday programme. On Thursday last week, and on Tuesday I did some babysitting. It earns good money really, and I love being around kids so it's win-win. Other than that, I've just been here at the computer, doing other stuff. It's school holidays right now, so not much to do.

Well, that's it for now. See you next Wednesday!

*Wednesday being in NZ time. It may be Tuesday in other parts of the world. Or Wednesday. Depends where you live.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Very Beginning

I've always known I was different. I mean, what normal person has a hard time making friends, and gets upset easily over little things, pushing them further into social isolation? It wasn't until I was ten that I found out the truth: I have Asperger's syndrome. No, that's not when I was diagnosed; I was diagnosed when I was five and a half. I just happened to be there when my mum was talking to a friend, and I heard her say these four words: "Teri has Asperger's syndrome" At hearing that, I remember saying to her something along the lines of "I do? Why didn't you tell me?"

That was then. About six years ago.

Hi. My name is Teri. I'm sixteen years old and I have Asperger's synmdrome. I created this blog so that people - fellow Aspies and NT's alike - can see how I live and cope with Asperger's. Feel free to leave a comment. And before you say anything, and this is important, in case you haven't guessed I AM NOT SELF-DIAGNOSED. I HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY DIAGNOSED!